The Breakfast of the hotel Glarentza
Certified Greek Breakfast Quality


In an environment characterized by the warmth and authenticity of taste, we invite you to get flavor and color from our lives.

It is well known , how beneficial and healthy is for everyone to start his day with a full breakfast. After all, it is generally believed that breakfast is actually the holiday meal, in order to have a day full of activities, action and adventures.

The Greek breakfast is rich and varies from place to place shaping the tradition, combined with the beauty and the greatness of our country, since both in ancient Greece and in Mikra Asia (place of our origin), we have the legacy of these raw materials, which provide us with products highly nutritional in value and quality. These raw materials are responsibly chosen and based on quality, are cooked here at our hotel with love, and artistry and allow me to use the word ‘devoutness’ by Mrs. Kiki, who has been doing her best for 40 years in order to get visitors to know through her traditional recipes, the Greek culture of the traditional Greek family , the way she was taught by her mother and grandmother. She is also willing, when there is a demand, to pass her knowledge to whoever wants , by preparing the dishes in front of them and by explaining every step, so as when they return back to their country to let friends and relatives know what the Greek breakfast offered.

It is our own principle for our own family business, to put aside the ‘status quo’ since we do not offer a plain ‘international ‘ breakfast but we give it the style, the colour, the tradition and the intensity that applies to our country , where the sun shines differently, the moon , the mountains, the sea, the air.

That is why we focus on the quality of the raw materials, on the spices so as to emerge all the flavors and the colors for the pleasure of the three senses (vision , taste and smell.)

So you can enjoy omelets and soutzoukia with their aromas, without complex sauces, enriched with spices in balanced doses. Vegetables, fruits {strawberries from the region of Manolada fertilized by bees and mainly by using natural ways) milkpie and honey.

The semolina Halva, the Milky desserts and the rice puddings are among the daily homemade desserts..


The white and yellow cheese, each one bearing a distinct flavor, particularly the aged and those which include spices and herbs and the famous ladotyri.

Lovely olives from our olive groves, which you can visit, Black, green, stuffed, small-large, bready and sweet! Also traditional breakfast with tomato, cucumber, olives, white cheese and cream. The breakfast menu also includes an array of omelets, toasts and sandwiches, bakery products, teas and juices, and of course the hot coffee that will warm you up during the cold winter mornings, but if you wish you can ask us to serve you hot, fresh milk with foam {this occurs in fresh milk when it is heated, that is to say the butter from the milk}.

In the wooden board breakfast you will find the warm bread that is kneaded with yeast.
Our lovely (kaimaki) butter with honey.

Our lovely (kaϊmaki) butter with honey

We give you a taste. Heat slightly the honey until its temperature reaches to 40 °C, i.e. until it is fluid and slightly lukewarm. Remove from the heat and add the butter, lemon juice and zest. Mix and stir very well and fill a jar. Keep the spread in the refrigerator. Since it is refrigerated the butter is separated from the honey so every time that we have to serve it, it needs good stirring. But there is no need to wait for it to come to room temperature to spread it, since due to the honey is kept soft.

Other herbs we use in salad is and the Samphire that is gathered in the summer and with which we make salads with garlic , vinegar and oil.

Delicious homemade desserts

Homemade sweet cherry, Orange, bergamot, grape, quince with the wonderful aroma of ginger, which can be combined with strained yogurt and enjoy a flavor that will be remembered for a long time. But also homemade strawberry , fig, Orange, peach, vanilla-plum. Jams.

At our culinary habits coexist the traditional Lenten dishes of Mrs Kiki, taramosalata, taramokeftedes and mashed potatoes with garlic and fresh bean broth, Apple Pie and Lenten cakes.

The Christmas sweet are the shortbread {with fresh butter, toasted almonds, fresh olive oil, mastic and sugar} and the ‘finikia’ that symbolize the swaddled Christ, but also the well-known melomakarona and diples with local honey, cinnamon and freshly ground clove.

At Easter, the Eastern cookies by Mrs Kiki will impress you, combined with the fresh eggs from our hens dyed red and for our younger guests in different colours, but also the eggs of fowls and geese that are known for their highly nutritional substances, perfect for a highly nutritious breakfast


The famous and renowned for its taste lobster salad {a dip with strained yogurt from a farm from our area with mayonnaise made with fresh eggs from our hens, onion kalybeϊko ( from the region of ILIA), but with the pervasive taste of the fresh lobster and crawfish from our own fishing boat "PETROS-MARIA which' daily during the fishing period supplies us with fresh catch , enough lemon and of course freshly ground pepper }.

The delicious tunasalad with tuna fish, simmered and preserved in fresh olive oil, from our own oil – from the olive trees that grandfather Peter with grandma Mary had planted when they came from Mikra Asia, and fresh lettuce from local producers, but also avocados grown in the adjacent village and fresh red juicy tomatoes.

Delicious boiled Octopus dressed in vinegar with fresh oregano from our garden.

(b) The traditional koyskoyse {small doughed balls from egg, flour, olive oil, fresh milk and freshly grounded pepper Made in wooden kneading-trough in a unique process that we invite you to come and to make your own koyskoyse}, a delicious tomato soup with koyskoyse is a different flavor that only in our area you will have the opportunity to enjoy and which will definitely make you come again.

Delicious pies

We offer you different varieties of pies for a full breakfast- the traditional boureki {boureki is made of sheet layers with filling of cheese, spinach}, spinach pie {from wild grass that we gather from our estates and spinach from local producers}, traditional huge pies, with leaf opened with a rolling pin ,something we do with all our pies, which only Mrs Kiki knows to make it fluffy and crispy that melts from the first bite in your mouth combined with the delicious flavor of the local cheese (feta), pumpkin pie {with sweet pumpkin} and bourekia with sweet marrow and feta cheese.

All these delicacies are usually accompanied with tea. Also, with a lemonade or sour cherry juice {cherry syrup from our own handmade sweet cherry} with exotic fruit of cherry that if you wish you can enjoy them and them with the sour cherry juice.

Herbal teas and soups

Homemade lemonade { with lemons from our lemon tree}, white and enjoyable frumentry made and sifted by Mrs Kiki with care in drying conditions in order to keep all the possible flavors from the sour milk so as to make them prevalent with the subsequent cooking, creating a unique and very invigorating soup for the beginning of the day.

All of the above call you to visit the great fertile lands of Prefecture Ilia where agricultural and cattle products are in abundance and invite you to take countless walks in coastal and mountain areas exploring the beauties of Greece in General and in particular of our land of Elis and our hotel at Glarentza Kyllini.
We are irreplaceable and we invite you to come to see at close range.