Loutra Kyllini

The spa of Killini or Linzi , is a place of great beauty. The spas are 9 km away from the city of Killini, the place is foresty and is alternated by big areas of cultivating land.

As we approach the spa of Killini the forest becomes denser reaching the beach.In the specific place there have been for decades ammothines with dense vegetation ,consisting of armirikia ,cedar trees and lilies.
The spa of Killini have been famous since antiquity for the mineral water springs , whose water , exhalations and mud can heal arthritis, asthma and skin diseases.

There are also ruins from Roman spas. One interpretation is that the word Linzi meant spa in the Latin language. Another one gives the meaning ‘the mouth of Hades’ where the Litzi, the demons, came from.
During the Ottoman years there was a robber under the name of Litzis who was probably named after the demons of the springs. In 1880, during the leadership of Trikoupis ,the spas were given to the train organization of Peloponese (SPAP) which proceeded to take advantage of the place by building a hotel and a water healing centre . In 1951 they were given to EOT, but before that a private individual used to take advantage of them and who finally abandoned them.

Until the dictatorship there was a train that connected Litzi with Kavasila and Vartholomio. Anew water healing centre has been built but it has not been given to public. It is a modern water healing centre covering 40.000sq2 and which cost 6,5 billion (funded by EE). The only water healing centre in use is that of Trikoupis (1890) which during the recent years, is visited by 5000 people in the summer months with an admission fee of 4 euros.

Due to the special characteristics of the area, anyone can combine the healing with the marine tourism.Healing properties: respiratory diseases, asthma, long term bronchitis, lung emphysema, laryngitis and skin diseases.

The place is accessible from our hotel by car and it is about a 20 minute drive.