Our Fishing Boat named “Petros Maria”

The Fishing Boat PETROS MARIA, is a family business which was established by Giavasis Pantelis (the father of the family).

Our family is now represented by the third generation of fishermen, while we learned the skill of fishing from the grandfather, Petros, who was a connoisseur of the fishing skill and an enviable fisherman from Smyrna, in Asia Minor, specifically from the village Sazaki. During the years that followed, he practiced his skill in Glyfa Ilias, where he first came as a refugee in 1922 and today, his children and grandchildren, who learned and followed the profession of fishermen, they are active and driven by the same passion, while they are now based in Kyllini Ilias, where the Giavasis’ family are permanent residents.

Our fishing boat was operating until 2020, under the management of Petros Giavasis (the son) and always alongside with the father of the family, Pantelis, while today it operates under the management of Petros Giavasis (the cousin) and every day, during the fishing season, they supply our hotel unit "GLARENTZA" with fresh fish from the wider area of the Ionian Sea, where the fish are known for their special flavor, since the Ionian Sea has a higher salt content and in view of this known fact, all the organisms that live in it are more tasty.

The fishery products are then handled by the mother of the family, Mrs. Kiki, in order to turn them into tasty dishes, with flavors that emerge from the fresh and quality ingredients, cooked in their original form, without complex sauces, enriched with spices, in balanced doses, following recipes from our hometown, as well as Asian ones that have been passed down from generation to generation.